Steel strapping sealer combination tool

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Heavy duty sealer combination tool. The MUL-16 Steel Strap Combination Tool is the perfect manual steel strapping tool for regular & high tensile strapping. Robust, reliable, simple & cost effective, the MUL-16 is ideally used as a high volume steel strapping tool.

You can pick up this tool and use it anywhere, anytime as it operates without the need of a power source or any secondary tools.

Whether you need a manual tool that will work reliably, or you need a back-up tool that is always ready when you are, the MUL-16 is the ideal choice.
HT Strapping: 12 to 19mm x up to 0.5mm
?Very Lightweight: 3.4kg
?Inexpensive and easy to operate, adjust and maintain
?Simple, ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue


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