A Guide for Canteen Managers

The Canteen Manager has responsibility for authorising purchases/ordering necessary products and produce to deliver a menu in line with the Nutrition in Schools Policy. The Canteen Manager has responsibility for the management of the Canteen and direction of Canteen assistants and volunteers. It is therefore essential that a reliable, value driven supplier is on hand for those last minute requirements for canteen supplies.

Access Direct provides fast delivery Victoria wide for all canteen requirements, whether it be your regular beverage supplies to disposables and plastic ware, containers, foils, cling wrap to Healthy snacks and drinks.

Having a canteen or cafeteria on site often is beneficial as it can make workers less harried and companies more productive: Nearly every company—even small ones—should have a cafeteria or staff kitchen… Management-theorist types will tell you that cafeterias work magic for employee morale and save time by discouraging long lunches away from the office.

Also here are some helpful pro’s to having a canteen or cafeteria on site:

Extra Meeting Space

Usually, canteen is used by employees during breakfast and lunch time. In some companies, employees might complain that they do not have enough meeting rooms or space for informal meetings. By communicating to your employees that canteen can be used in multiple ways you will not save money, but at least you will be ensured that space in your office is used effectively and efficiently and employees’ happiness has increased.

Employee Productivity

Canteen, of course, does not prevent employees from procrastination, but you can make sure that employees’ productivity is not at risk as they will have less time away from their desk.

Talent Attraction

By creating or keeping canteen at the workplace you make it easier for your recruiting team not only with attracting the talent but also maintaining it at your company. Some people might disagree with this statement, but we should not forget Maslow pyramid of needs, where our physiological requirements are the baseline for everything and it does not matter which culture we come from.


Access Direct specialises in assisting the canteen manager at all manufacturing companies, automotive showrooms & workshops, accommodation facilities as well as primary and secondary schools and colleges by providing the full range of supplies and lunch room essentials. These also include full range of ‘white-goods’ such as pie warmers, urns, toasters, fridges, freezers and automatic coffee machines.

You also can’t go past our range of products designed to keep your canteen tidy and ergonomic. Stocking the full range of Aromacup beverage wall dispensers, Aromacup’s units are smoothly contoured, tough bodied and precision formed from durable plastic. It is free of “dirt traps”, making these beverage dispensers easy to maintain. Save money, Reduce waste, mess and pilferage in your kitchen.

See our full range.

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